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Stephanie O’Brien, Women in Construction Week Highlighted by the Boston Business Journal

BOSTON, MA – In celebration of Women in Construction Week, Stephanie O’Brien participated in the Boston Business Journal’s Table of Experts to discuss her career path and offered advice for young women interested in pursuing futures in the industry. This year’s Women in Construction Week theme, “Keys to the Future,” celebrates the strength and knowledge of women and the important role they play in shaping the future of the construction industry.

Joined by other industry leaders, O’Brien shared what drew her to pursue a career in construction, and how her work as a Project Executive with 百家乐软件 Construction Co., Inc. inspires her.

“I find construction is just different than other industries in many ways, but what stuck out to me the most was really the tangible, lasting impact you know your work will have on a community. For me, that’s particularly true since I specialize in healthcare projects that are often complex and logistically challenging jobs usually being undertaken within an existing occupied hospital. It’s personally and professionally gratifying to know that my work will have a meaningful impact on the patients and the families and the community it serves.”

She also emphasized the importance of creating relationships and serve as a mentor for other women in the industry to help inspire confidence and build up future women leaders in construction.

“What I love about my role now is that I can help the younger generation navigate those difficult circumstances and conversations that we all run into as women in this industry and help them realize that they’re not alone…It’s particularly rewarding for me to be able to help provide that guidance or my perspective as this next generation is entering the industry.”

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